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Choices In Action

With the Utmost Honor and Pride

Those who served and continue to serve America, do so unconditionally. You have a Choice where to give - Please Choose to Help House Homeless Veterans 

Help House Homeless Veterans 

Why Veteran Assistance Is Necessary 

The More You Know ....

Eradicating homelessness is unrealistic. The rate of homelessness will never reach zero because of:

  • Racial Inequality
  • Economic Inequality
  • Scholastic Inequality
  • Silent Discrimination of Mental Illness 

Homelessness among Veterans and civilians continues to rise at an alarming rate. Veterans inherit unique psychological and physical traumas from fighting America's wars. For those reasons, there is a need to introduce radical changes to an antiquated system among governmental, societal, and communal entities regarding the diagnosed and undiagnosed emotional scars that Veterans carry.

Unlike civilian employment when an individual joins the military their job is chosen for them. However, individuals who possess specialized degrees (dental, law, medicine, psychiatry, and nursing) are given jobs according to their specialty. Individuals who are chosen for the infantry, practice their specialized training as their day-to-day tasks involve combat.

A military member with no college degree and 4 years of service make an annual salary of $27,600.

What some people do not realize is - Military employment does not always translate or transfer into the civilian workforce.

In the civilian sector, every employee is not guaranteed lifetime medical care or retirement benefits. The employment practices of the military are no different -- all Veterans are not entitled to medical care, disability compensation, and retirement.

When infantry soldiers are discharged from the military, there is a significant lack of civilian workforce experience. This is where Veterans become at-risk for underemployment, homelessness, and poverty. 

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