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Choices In Action

Let Us Help You Secure  Housing 

Anyone who has served the Country deserves to be honored, respected, dignified, and allowed to live in a decent home. Come to us for assistance and we will find ways to make this possible for YOU

Trust Us 

No Fancy Offices 

We will walk the streets to find Veterans who are Homeless 

 Our Veteran Program

In collaboration with Hargrave Innovative Solutions, Choices in Action (CIA) serves as a MOBILE  Services Organization for Veterans in the City of Los Angeles, all the cities of Orange County California, and the Communities within Round Rock Texas. 

Through this partnership we are able to Mentor Veterans toward a path of Mental and Financial Wellness. 

Our Programming is not just Talk 

You can reach a level of stability as long as We Work Together as a Team.


Mindfulness Teaching consist of one-to-one Coaching - Recognizing your emotions to boost your ability to live a more tranquil and fulfilling life.  You will be taught strategies and techniques that will enhance your conscious and subconscious through processes which will improve your self-efficacy.  

This is not Hocus Pocus, rather the philosophy of Mindfulness will help you place emphasis on the actualization or affirmation on your experience. Mindfulness Teaching can be performed in person or via Zoom (Scheduled Live)


1. One-time Gift for Apartment security deposit

2. Gift of New Furniture 

3. Welcome Home Gift Food Basket

4. Case Management (3 months) - to HELP with other issues 

   a. No charge Repairing your Credit 

   b. No Charge Financial Management 

   b. Establishing your own Business - The Best Investment is INVESTING IN YOURSELF  

"Putting people before profit" is our Motto 

Hargrave Innovative Solutions  AND Choices In Action will exemplify the Government’s Core values: Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence (I-CARE).

Women are Veterans too 

The Invisible Veterans 

Homeless Women Veterans

Thanking You in advance for Support 

You may choose to donate  or make a purchase as 100% of the proceeds go toward housing Homeless Veterans 

To donate less than $10 please see Homepage or go to

Select the products you wish to order and pay below using PayPal or the credit card option 

To confirm shipping and delivery - Please contact Choices In Action

Please be sure you spell names correctly. 

Baseball Cap and Mug - each $30 + $1 shipping 

Face Mask - $10 Each

Choices In Action one size Baseball Cap

Show off your donation proudly with this costumed designed hat. Trust the colors will be bright and brilliant

The item shown is a computer photo. 

Baseball Cap